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cosmetic surgery



Pham Institute of Esthetic located in Hunters Creek Orlando Florida (formerly Celebration Cosmetic Surgery & MedSpa in Celebration, Florida) offers a full range of cosmetic surgery procedures individualized to make you look rejuvenated and feel beautiful. We are proud to have a dedicate staff that treats you like family. Our staff enjoys educating and guiding each patient throughout their cosmetic transformation journey. As some of them have had plastic surgery themselves with our surgeon (Dr. Nathan Pham), they can thoroughly explain the process and share their personal experience with you.

Many patients from all walks of life and from around the globe have consulted with our surgeon because their friends and families have highly recommended our expertise and passion. They have chosen us for their plastic surgery needs because of the immediate feeling of trust and genuine caring they received.


Dr. Nathan Pham employs his talents to tailor a surgical and/or non-surgical treatment plan created for each individual. Dr. Pham specializes in cosmetic plastic surgery including procedures to augment, lift, rejuvenate the face, eyes, and neck, or contour the body. His results with liposuction and abdominalplasties (tummy tucks) are spectacular. Throughout his 20+ years of experience he has developed a passion and mastery for delivering beautiful results. Dr. Pham is licensed to perform Facial Rejuvenation, a non-surgical minimally invasive facelift that combines stem cell technology and fat grafting for immediate and long lasting results. He believes in the artistry of plastic surgery for achieving natural results so that everyone will notice (and nobody will know!). He is an expert in non-surgical rejuvenation injectables, using Botox, collagen and/or fat grafts. Dr. Pham stresses patient education and doctor availability. 


Our goal, first and foremost, is to successfully help you achieve the transformation of your dream. Moreover, we are dedicated to working to make your cosmetic procedures as affordable as possible. Our staff will help you find the right financing plan among several options that will easily fit within your budget. As always, it is our mission to provide the results that will help you look, feel, and live beautifully…

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